Aquarelle girl portrait SketchBook Page 45 – Woman Lying on Stomach – life drawing female figure Watercolor abstract portrait of a girl Painting portrait of man SketchBook Page 32 Pose Reference – Tennis Girl Draw SketchBook Page 56 – Girl stand up pose drawing SketchBook Page 29 SketchBook Page 52 – Girl art drawing classical pose Sleeping girl with flower SketchBook Page 28 SketchBook Page 40 – Lying Girl Charcoal Drawing

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Dancing Woman – Aquarelle Drawing by Dimitar Hristov - 54ka aquarelle art artistic background beautiful beauty blob blot watercolor blowing brush cloth color colorful colour dancing draw drawing drawn dress drop droplet effect figure figure drawing girl paint paint stain painting paper pose pose drawing shaped splatter warm colors water colour brush smudge watercolor watercolour splatter waving white white background wind woman